1:1 sessions facilitate a unique experience of somatic balancing and release, creative visualization, breath work, deep rest, and collaborative insight. Designed to support deepened embodied experience, 1:1 work can assist in building pathways for physical, emotional, and mental regulation, intuitive connection, transitional/vocational clarity, boundaries and intentional engagement with others, grief and death processes, and generating creative work, among other outcomes. 


The format of in-person 1:1s varies in response to each individual — often clients spend most of the session lying down, while we work with structured breathing, light touch/subtle body work, and gently guided focus. This work can also be approached through movement, rather than touch, and seated or standing, rather than lying down; or we might spend the entire session in conversation. Each meeting culminates in intuitive reflection and personalized tools for the client to take forward. 

In-person sessions run about 90 minutes and are available seasonally in Boise, Seattle, and Portland. Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and relax.

suggested sliding scale
$80 - $150/session
alternative exchange options & multi-session pricing available


Virtual 1:1s begin with gentle movement and awareness, breath work, and creative visualization to support the client in nervous system regulation, then move into conversation, where I share intuitive feedback. Each session results in personalized tools and a detailed write-up for the client to take forward.

Virtual sessions run approximately 40 minutes. Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and relax.

suggested sliding scale**
$45 - 75/session
alternative exchange options available

**Through the end of 2023, virtual 1:1s will be available at a reduced sliding scale of $20 - $40/session.