1:1s adapt TUNING to the individual, providing a deeper, more personalized experience with insight into the present and support for what’s ahead. In-person sessions utilize visualization, gentle touch, breath and subtle body work, and focused attention to promote deep relaxation, balancing, and release. Virtual sessions take the frame of the TUNING series and tailor it to the individual, establishing embodied connection, then moving into focused work. Through shared observation and interpretation, as well as intuitive facilitation, each session results in tools and practices that can be applied by the individual on their own terms in the future.  

1:1 work can assist in:

- building deep listening with the body
- finding strategies for mental/emotional processing & release
- undergoing a life change or challenge
- opening to/moving toward future manifestations of career/vocation
- generating creative work
- deepening connection with others & nurturing boundaries
- moving through grief/loss/death processes
- making decisions & building discernment
- facilitating growth & transformation
- strengthening intuitive connection
- developing a personal attention/ritual/somatic practice

Sessions are generally 75 - 90 minutes long and can take place virtually or in-person. In-person work is available in Boise, with periodic offerings in other locations.

Sliding scale: $70 - $120/session*
*alternative payment options available

I recently participated in a TUNING session with CL not knowing what it would be, but curious and excited. CL immediately made me feel comfortable and I was able to share openly. After the session I felt relaxed, both lighter in my mind and grounded in my body.  What CL shared with me at the end of our session was like a clear mirror reflecting what I needed confirmed in that moment of life, a reminder to keep going, keep listening. I plan to make these sessions a practice, a ritual of marking time and gaining insight at pivotal transitional seasons.
- SR

CL's guidance during our session has stuck with me emotionally. It was simple, a ritual she helped co-create to move through heavy emotions back into creative territory. The TUNING practice shifted my perspective on myself and the creative process to focus on grounding and movement, helping dissolve some pretty significant creative blocks in unexpected ways.
- KW

If you are interested in one-on-one writing consultation, more information is here.