A sibling of TUNING, 1:1 work is completely individualized and can assist in an array of processes, such as:

- building deep listening with the body
- supporting a life change or challenge
- opening to future manifestations of career/vocation
- facilitating intuitive connection and transformation
- generating creative work
- developing a regular personal attention/ritual/somatic practice
- finding strategies for mental/physical/emotional self-regulation
- moving through grief/loss/death processes

Virtual sessions are 75 minutes long and begin by inviting nervous system regulation through breath, attention, and gentle movement. After working to establish embodied connection, we move into focused work based on the individual’s objectives and the intuitive/somatic information I receive surrounding our meeting. This work can take many forms, including but not limited to narrative/conversation, written/generative work, further somatic practice, intuitive reading, improvisation, visualization, etc. We conclude by co-determining specific actions to take forward beyond our time together.

Suggested sliding scale: $60 - $90/session*

In-person sessions are 90 minutes each. In this more “passive” version of 1:1 work, we identify objectives and areas of inquiry, then I work on the client, who rests in a lying down position. In-person sessions utilize visualization, subtle body work, and physical touch to promote deep relaxation, balancing, and release. Meetings finish with conversation and shared observation, as well as recommendation of tools and practices that can be applied by the individual on their own terms in the future.

Suggested sliding scale: $75 - $105/session*

Please complete this form to schedule a session. If you have any questions or are interested in one-on-one writing consultation, please contact me here.  

*alternative payment options available