1:1 sessions facilitate a unique experience of somatic balancing & release, creative visualization, breath work, deep rest, and intuitive insight. The format of 1:1s varies in response to the individual and their preferences — the client may spend time seated, standing up, &/or lying down, while we work with movement/shapes or light touch, structured breathing, and gently guided focus. Each meeting culminates in collaborative reflection and personalized tools for the client to take forward.

Designed to support overall embodied experience, 1:1 work can assist clients in building pathways for physical, emotional, & mental regulation, deepened intuitive connection, vocational clarity, boundaries & intentional engagement with others, generating creative work, etc. 

In-person 1:1 work is offered seasonally in Boise, Seattle, Portland, & the Wood River Valley, with virtual sessions available continuously. 

suggested sliding scale*
$80 - $120 / session

*alternative exchange options & multi-session pricing available