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TUNING is a synthesis of my experience of an array of somatic, creative, contemplative, and therapeutic modalities. Throughout late childhood, adolescence, and into my early 20s, I spent a formative period absorbed in ballet and contemporary dance training, while also receiving rigorous instruction in Pilates and western adaptations of yoga, with focus on Iyengar and Ashtanga practice. For more than a decade since, I have been working to (re)find my natural physical vocabulary and nurture a balanced embodied experience⁠ through listening and attending to my present body. 

In 2011, my focus shifted to writing, and since 2013, I have facilitated numerous workshops that orbit the disciplines of movement, writing, and contemplation. The creation process, for me, has always merged these elements—the body, experiment, procedure, ritual, collaboration, chance, attention, presence, and intuition are essential to my way of working—and I believe in their combined power to draw out what is most urgent and necessary.

The name "TUNING" is in gratitude to Pauline Oliveros' "Tuning Meditation" and her thinking about deep listening, and I was listening to a lot of her work as this practice began to come into focus. In late 2020 and early 2021, I was facilitating an online somatic writing workshop, while also receiving one-on-one intuitive mentorship and working to heal my mental health. While in the process of adapting group facilitation to a virtual space, I realized I needed to integrate a deeper, more regular physical/attention/ritual practice into my daily life. This confluence of experiences helped me find an approach for myself that I hoped might benefit others in a wider way, even—and perhaps especially—within the constraints of a virtual space.

On a personal level, TUNING has supported me in establishing a structure for health, learning how to regulate my nervous system, building meaningful listening and trust with my body, and expanding my intuitive experience. It’s also become an important part of how I make creative work, like this group work and this performance score

TUNING is an amalgum of many influences and approaches that are dear to me. It’s a practice I strive to make welcoming to participants—regardless of writing or movement experience—with the hope that it might lead to pathways for rest and release, while also encouraging creative, intuitive, and emotional exploration and curiosity. No practice is a fit for everyone, but if you’re interested in TUNING, I hope you’ll give it a go. Upcoming sessions can be found here, and if you’d like to receive emails about future offerings, please sign up