CL Young 


TUNING | Group Sequence
Exploration of group work. Each sequence comprises a unique set of individuals, circumstances, processes, approaches, and outcomes.
2021 - ongoing

Untitled Hybrid Score
Pure Surface
Portland, OR
solo work

SALTA / PPP is Dance
Oakland, CA
solo work


Friend Work 

Evolving study of deep attention and interpersonal connection across form.
2018 - ongoing

Email to 135 recipients encountered over 10-year period regarding recorded essay. Observation of relationships over time and association between grief and rupture.

Digital and text study of the use of social media profiles in the formation of self, exploring the impulse of self-deletion as a grief response alongside consideration of the enduring online presence of the dead.
2011 - 2021


Ritual score for total reclamation of the heart. w/ sound & video by Teal Gardner.
October/November 2021

After Midwinter Day
Intended to be a 12-year iterative response to Bernadette Mayer’s 1978 text Midwinter Day, After Midwinter Day is composed of six attempted books, each written over the course of one day once a year during different months for six years. Months completed include June 2020, August 2019, September 2018, October 2015, November 2016, and December 2017. The project was discontinued in 2021 in corellation with daily use of Lamictal. 33,690 wds.
2015 - 2021

What Is Revealed When I Reveal It to You (dancing girl press, 2018)
Poems in response to prompts provided by others, written over 24-day period.
October 9 - November 3, 2016

Set alarm to go off 20 minutes before regular alarm. Send text message to self. Go back to sleep. Wake up. Transcribe. Repeat for 165 mornings.
2015 - 2016

w/ Others


in response to others
The Party (Pulpmouth, 2019)

What Is Revealed When I Reveal it to You  (dancing girl press, 2018)

w/ Emily Skillings
Rose of No Man’s Land (Belladonna* Collaborative, 2019)

Three Poems (Burnside Review, 2019)

w/ A. H. Jerriod Avant
Couplet Study (2020)

w/ Tony Mancus
This one is Study (2018)

w/ the dead
Remains (Sixth Finch, 2018)
Sugar & Salt (Grama, 2016)
from Stopgap (The Elephants, 2015)

Tragedy Fragments
Vignettes Marquee
Seattle, WA

Performance & Other Media

w/ Serrah Russell
Against Resolution (essay for photo book)
Tears Tears, 2020

Surface (text for film)
OV Project Space, Portland, OR

w/ Kate Wallich & Andrew J.S.
Dream Dances (introduction/text for process book)

w/ Elizabeth Ardent
Untitled Movement Score
Post Atlanta School: Works by Students & Instructors
Atlanta, ID

Treefort Music Festival
Boise, ID

w/ Emily Gherard
Violet Strays Gallery

w/ Johanna Kirk 
Decolle (performance/installation)
Incidentally, Yours
Gallery Alexa Rose
Boise, ID

w/ DROP Dance Collective
Neofuturism (performer; Leah Stevens Clark, choreographer)
Boise ContemporaryTheater
Boise, ID


Sema is an evolving and ongoing project that aspires to nurture deep attention and connection. Initiated in 2018, it has taken the form of a reading & workshop series, a collection of micro-interviews with writers, and a podcast.


0 / Sema

About the podcast.

1 / Loss, Being a Therapist, & Intergenerational Grief w/ Ann O’Leary Young

A conversation with Ann O’Leary Young, M.S.W., LCSW, on the early deaths of her father and brother, how grief gets passed through families, and the complex roles associated with being a therapist.

2 / Writing, Detachment, & Ritual w/ Rushi Vyas

Poet Rushi Vyas discusses his father's death by suicide, writing after loss, the wisdom of detachment, and his exploration of ritual as a tool for decolonization.

3 / Boise, Friendship Loss, & Time w/ Tyler Brewington

A conversation with poet Tyler Brewington that considers some of the complications of living in Boise, grief rhythms, the comfort of geologic time, and the link between friendship and the formation of self.

4 / Bridge + Practice

Bridge episode exploring episodes 1-3 + attention practice.

5 / Newborn Loss, Place, & Deep Grief w/ Cedar Brant

Poet and botanist Cedar Brant on newborn loss, the role of place in her healing process, and the erasure of self that can accompany both deep grief and parenthood.

6 / Adoption, Potentiality, & the Loss of Unknowing w/ Erinrose Mager

A conversation with writer, editor, and teacher Erinrose Mager on the unknowingness associated with adoption and parental estrangement, the interplay between potentiality and failure, and ritual as a presencing practice.

7 / Ambient Loss, Having Children, & the Necessity of Storytelling w/ Camille T. Dungy

Writer and professor Camille T. Dungy on loss as an ambient presence, climate change, cross-generational relationships, and connecting individual loss with global crisis.

8 / Relationality, Embodiment, & Suicide w/ Mairead Case

A conversation with writer, teacher, and editor Mairead Case that explores relationality in life and after death, embodiment, moving through sadness, and grieving and writing about suicide.






Designed to bring the body into balance and clear the way for creative, growth, and intuitive work, TUNING facilitates awareness, opening, and excavation through breath/attention practice, somatic and written improvisation, and creation/experiment processes.

Group Sequence

TUNING sequences are in-depth group explorations and applications of TUNING. Each multi-week arc may be approached in support of a life change, the development of a creative study, &/or as a weekly somatic/attention/experiment practice. Designed for all levels and disciplines.


TUNING | Winter 2022 Virtual Sequence - registration open

February 2 - 23, 2022
Wednesdays, 5pm - 7pm MT
+ one individual session

The Winter 2022 sequence is a four-week exploration that may be approached based on the desires/objectives of the participant. This workshop will provide an introduction to TUNING, or may serve to deepen the practice for past participants. Each two-hour session will include TUNING, space for improvisation and experiment, and opportunity for collaboration and community.


TUNING | Fall 2021 Virtual Sequence

October 24 - November 14
Sundays, 10am - 12pm MT
+ optional one-on-one session
Registration closed

The four-week Fall 2021 sequence will work well alongside the development of an overarching creative project, or can be approached otherwise based on the needs/objectives of the participant (e.g., in support of a life change, as a weekly somatic/attention practice, to assist in grieving/growth processes).

[from Fall 2021 Sequence]

CL Young (she/they) is a writer, artist, and intuitive with a background in movement. She currently facilitates Sema and TUNING, and her poems and essays can be found in Entropy, Lana Turner, Poetry Northwest, The Volta and elsewhere.