TUNING is a gentle somatic practice that combines breath, movement, attention, and visualization to invite regulation, reflection, and release. TUNING can be approached as an entry point for artmaking and for deepening engagement with creative processes. It can serve as a form of intuitive facilitation, an opportunity for accountability to transformation and growth, a tool for navigating crisis and discomfort, a method of working through mental, emotional, and physical information beyond narrative. Through deep listening, embodied connection, active inquiry, and intentional opening and release, TUNING is a container and a process. Adapted uniquely by each individual, TUNING can assist in:

- building deep listening with the body
- finding strategies for mental/emotional digestion & release
- supporting a life change or challenge
- opening to/moving toward future manifestations of career/vocation
- generating creative work
- deepening connection with others & nurturing boundaries
- moving through grief/loss/death processes
- making decisions & building discernment
- facilitating intuitive connection and transformation
- developing a personal attention/ritual/somatic practice

The name "TUNING" is in gratitude to Pauline Oliveros' "Tuning Meditation" and her philosophy of deep listening. 


Group sessions begin with TUNING then move into focused exploration through improvisation, creation/experiment processes, and/or somatic and intuitive attention practices, with opportunity for processing and community.


1:1 sessions tailor TUNING the individual, facilitating a deep and personalized experience of processing, balancing, and release.