CL Young (she/they) is a poet, artist, & intuitve facilitator currently living in Boise, Idaho.


TUNING is a synthesis of my experience of an array of somatic, creative, contemplative, and therapeutic modalities. Throughout late childhood, adolescence, and into my early 20s, I spent a formative period absorbed in ballet and contemporary dance training, while also receiving rigorous instruction in Pilates and western adaptations of Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga practice. For more than a decade since, I have been working to (re)find my natural physical vocabulary and nurture a balanced embodied experience⁠ through attention to my present body and with the help of somatic, contemplative, and therapeutic approaches that encourage self-study, listening, and release.

In 2011, my focus shifted to writing, and since 2013, I have had the good fortune of facilitating numerous workshops that orbit the disciplines of movement, writing, and attention practice. The creation process, for me, has always merged these elements—the body, experiment, procedure, ritual, collaboration, chance, attention, presence, and intuition are essential to my way of working—and I believe in their combined power to draw out what is most urgent and necessary.

TUNING became an idea in January 2021 while I was facilitating an online somatic writing workshop. In the process of adapting this work to a virtual space, I was simultaneously receiving intuitive mentorship and working to stabilize my mental health after several years of struggle. Inside the confluence of these, I realized I needed to integrate a deeper, more regular physical/attention/ritual practice in tandem with medical treatment, and thought I might be able develop something that could benefit others in a wider way, even—and perhaps especially—within the constraints of a virtual space. I wanted to make a physical practice that would be approachable regardless of movement experience, and that might work to rest and regulate the nervous system, encouraging creative, intuitive, and emotional opening, and inviting release.

The TUNING series comes out of my own personal practice. Initially developed as a means of helping myself regulate in moments of emotional/mental difficulty, TUNING has supported me in establishing a structure for health, creating pathways of listening and trust with my body, expanding my intuitive experience, developing ritual, and generating creative work. My hope is that TUNING can provide a framework that might deepen others’ engagement, embodiment, creative, and connective processes, as well.  

The name "TUNING" is in gratitude to Pauline Oliveros' "Tuning Meditation" and her philosophy of deep listening. Group TUNING provides space for an experience of attention both private and shared that is continuously evolving and producing new processes and outcomes thanks to the deep engagement of participants. It creates opportunity for ephemeral community-making and instances of simultaneous focus, centered around the intention of embodied experience. Group TUNING is the current expression of a larger social practice work called Sema.

1. Survive life.
2. What we do matters.
3. Create a place for witness.  
4. Come to terms with overwhelming beauty.