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I work primarily as an intuitive/somatic practitioner & facilitator. Highly individualized & situation-driven, this work can take a few forms: TUNING provides space for gently guided personal practice alongside community, while 1:1 sessions offer a personalized, intuitively facilitated experience of somatic balancing, collaborative insight, and deep release. Custom couple’s & small group sessions combine TUNING & 1:1 approaches to nurture connection and invite co-regulation between specific groups or individuals. More about each of these can be found at the links below. 

With multiple decades of rigorous training in various movement and attention practices, as well as lived engagement with an array of therapeutic modalities, I come to this work through my own experience of navigating the body, challenge, change, and loss. Many of my family members are healers — therapists, psychics, care workers, guardians — who have allowed me to learn from them throughout my life, and I have been fortunate to absorb wisdom from the communities I have encountered, particularly those orbiting poetry. My academic background is in philosophy & poetry, and I have received intensive one-on-one intuitive mentorship, as well as training in end-of-life work.


I recently participated in a 1:1 session. CL immediately made me feel comfortable and I was able to share openly. After the session I felt relaxed, both lighter in my mind and grounded in my body.  What CL shared with me at the end of our session was like a clear mirror reflecting what I needed confirmed in that moment of life, a reminder to keep going, keep listening. I plan to make these sessions a practice, a ritual of marking time and gaining insight at pivotal transitional seasons.
- SR

CL's guidance during our 1:1 has stuck with me emotionally. It was simple, a ritual we co-created to move through heavy emotions back into creative territory. The practice shifted my perspective on myself and the creative process to focus on grounding and movement, helping dissolve some pretty significant creative blocks in unexpected ways.
- KW

TUNING was what I needed at exactly the right time. Because of the workshop I feel that I was able to reconnect with my body in a positive way after all the medical trauma I've been through this year and create space for an attention/meditation/creative practice in my life again. I know I will take the things we worked on as a group and in our individual meeting forward into my day-to-day. The workshop and 1:1 session contributed greatly to my healing and recovery.
- RP

The TUNING Sequence reverberated within me months after its completion. After a year bogged down by depression, CL's process gave me the permission to start each day by tuning into my body and the creativity within. Healing. Regenerative. CL facilitated the virtual space in a way that invited ease, and a collectivity so hard to create over distance. I've shaped the vibrations of the workshop into my own daily practice to feel more embodied and engaged with the day-to-day stuff of living.            
- RV

I loved the TUNING Sequence and found myself wanting those 2 hours on Sunday morning, every Sunday morning. TUNING combines movement, writing, introspection, and space for one's own process, in a beautiful, easy and genuine way. I loved how I felt after each session — it was a perfect combination of less and more. There was less of life's noise, and more calm. I also left every session feeling as though I had been given something new, whether a new tool, a new process, or a new way of thinking.
- DD