The oceans remind me
                              of your green room.
                                          There are things unbearable.
                                                       Scorn, princes, this little size
              of dying.

              My personal poetry is a failure.
                            I do not want to be a person.
                                          I want to be unbearable.
                                                       Lover to lover, the greenness of love.

              Anne Carson, “Stanzas, Sexes, Seductions”


1: Wear Kevin’s purple sweatshirt as often as possible through a wide variety of circumstances for one month while working to release all possible futures and old wounds.
2: Wash sparingly. Body & sweatshirt.
3: Be in green room. Room can be literally or figuratively green. Spend several minutes soaking in room (i.e., TUNE).
4: Teal films like it could be anywhere, any color.
5: Sweatshirt & room dictate movement quality. Love, also. Old, new, ever-occurring.
6: Continue moving until sweatshirt comes off or until Teal says stop. Teal makes music, or not.
7: Repeat until shedding is no longer needed & the path forward is clear.
8: Tear down old structures (fire), replace with new (water).
9: Work green room into a pearl.
10: Place formed pearl in left hand. 

24 October 2021 - 04 February 2022

[AUDIO - The Friend]
Channeled by Teal Gardner
29 November 2021