1: Wear K’s purple sweatshirt as often as possible while working to release all possible futures and old wounds. Wash sparingly.
2: TUNE to green room.
3: Sweatshirt & room dictate movement quality. Love, also. Old, new, ever-occurring.
4: T films like it could be anywhere, any color. It is anywhere, any color.
5: Continue moving until sweatshirt comes off or until T says stop.
6: Tear down structures, pull river rock from ashes. Place rock into boiling snow, speak together.
7: Place new water on windowsill. Drop to heart daily until sand turns pearl.
8: Birth pearl from forehead. Refill water.
9: Repeat until shedding is no longer needed & the path forward is clear.
10: Stay.

October 2020 - March 2023