I believe spaces are similar to bodies — that attention turned toward them can facilitate a more balanced somatic experience — & I approach spaces in the same way that I do individuals: by asking how to pull forward ease, connection, & renewal from what is already there.

The format and frequency of spaces work varies widely. We might work together once for a few hours to do a seasonal refresh of a single room. Or, an entire home might be approached over the course of several months through a series of weekly sessions. Work often begins with a physical cleaning out and determination of a space’s ideal functionality, followed by changes to support that purpose. Spaces work can also take more metaphysical forms — clearing a new apartment before move-in, a closing ritual for a home being sold; or act as an accompaniment to 1:1, grief, or end-of-life work.

Sliding scale: $45 - $95/hour
daily & project-based rates available