I approach spaces in a similar manner that I do people — by asking how they might exist with more ease and working to find renewal in what is already there. I believe that spaces are similar to bodies, that they can be adjusted and regulated to facilitate a deeper and more complete experience, rippling out into other areas of life.  

Space work varies widely in format based on the objectives of the client and the scope of the project. It can be consistent work on an entire house over the course of several months, concentrated time spent on a single room, an overall surface sweep of a space, a seasonal ritual.

Often we begin with a physical clearing out — letting go of what is no longer in use, re-seeing objects anew and reimagining their importance. We work together to identify the essential functions of a space, then make adjustments until the room moves in a new way. In some cases, we might integrate somatic or creative work, do 1:1 or couples/group work in parallel. Space work can also be an element of death & grief work.

Pricing varies based on client objectives and scope of the project and is established after a short initial meeting, with sliding scale and alternative exchange options available. Space work is available seasonally in Boise, Seattle, Portland, and the Wood River Valley. If you are elsewhere & interested in working together, please get in touch.

$40 - $100/hourly or by project
alternative exchange options available