I approach work with spaces and people in a similar way — by asking how they might exist with more ease and working to find renewal in what is already there. I believe that spaces are similar to bodies; that they can be listened to in order to facilitate a more balanced embodied experience, rippling out into other areas of life.  

Spaces work varies in format and frequency based on the objectives and scope of the project. Often we’ll begin with a physical clearing out of the room or area we’re working on, identifying what is ready to be let go and what can remain. We work together to identify the essential functions of a space, re-seeing the room and its objects, and imagining into their significance moving forward.

We might meet once for several hours to streamline a single room, work a day a month to clear out a storage space, or approach an entire house in a more concentrated way for a few weeks in a row. In some cases, we’ll integrate somatic practice or creative work alongside, or spaces work might be an element of death and grief care.

Locations & Rates
Space work is regularly available in Boise, Portland, Seattle, and the Wood River Valley. Sliding scale hourly, daily, and project-based rates are available & established with a short consultation, free of charge.