My exposure to facilitation, care work, and attention practice began when I was very young. Many of my family members are practitioners of one sort or another — therapists, psychics, social workers, guardians — and my curiosity and inquiry into their work has been a consistent force throughout my life. This early support led to my own lived engagement with a range of contemplative practices and therapeutic modalities, as well as an undergraduate degree in philosophy, and the wisdom of these women continues to influence my work.  

Throughout late childhood, adolescence, and into my early 20s, I was also absorbed in ballet and contemporary dance training, as well as rigorous instruction in Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga practice and Pilates. Later on, I encountered Gaga, Alexander and Klein Techniques, and Feldenkrais, and felt deep resonance in their focus on subtlety, integration, and self-study, as I worked to untangle my way of being in a body from earlier movement training. 

In 2011, my focus shifted to writing and I began to combine these elements — experiment, procedure, movement, ritual, collaboration, chance, attention, reflection, presence — in generative workshops geared towards dancers and writers. Alongside these explorations and my own experiential study, I completed an MFA in poetry in 2018, then started Sema, an inquiry into shared attention and community-making across time, form, and place. During this period, I received training in death care work and began undergoing intensive one-on-one intuitive mentorship.

As these areas of experience continued to build and weave together, a more synthesized approach began to emerge in the form of a group modality I called TUNING. Named for Pauline Oliveros’ “Tuning Meditation,” TUNING’s primary objective is to facilitate ease and engagement through deep attention with and beyond the body. TUNING began in 2021 in a virtual space with the hope of providing care and support in a time of collective difficulty, and has since comprised in-person workshops that explore group & individual creative work, engagement with environment, and connection with others. 

1:1 work developed in tandem with group TUNING and became my primary focus in early 2022. 1:1 sessions individualize the group approach to support and deepen embodied experience through somatic balancing and release, subtle body work, creative visualization, breath practice, deep rest, and intuitive insight. Work with spaces applies this lens to rooms, homes, and other areas of inhabitation by asking how ease and renewal can be brought forward from what is already there. I believe work with the body and work with a space are similar, that deep attention turned toward them ripples out profoundly into all aspects of a life. 

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